Power Rangers VR Fan Experience

High Fidelity, an open-architecture virtual world, hosted an exclusive invite-only Power Rangers experience for fans to meet the cast of the upcoming movie.

It was one of the most amazing social VR experiences I've ever had, due to the mix of options in High Fidelity(their tablet UI was fantastic once you learned it) and the people in the experience with me(all were either huge VR fans or huge Power Rangers fans, and some, like myself, were both).

Most incredibly though may have been the avatars of the Power Rangers cast.  It's difficult to see in 2D, but in VR the detail of their avatars and facial expressions was absolutely astounding.  They seemed so real...so much like themselves, just virtual.  It was breathtaking, and I can't wait till everyone, not just movie stars, can embody themselves in the virtual world.

Here's a video capture of my experience below(my mic wasn't captured, so I'm mute, but everything else was recorded accurately):