The quality of games on SteamVR

SteamVR is a brand new platform for purchasing and launching virtual reality software that was made publicly available on April 5th, 2016.

Though a fledgling platform, SteamVR already provides features that entice you to adopt it.  It gives you a compositor, a efficient and clean sanity check that runs whenever the headset is running and finds tracking information.  It provides the chaperone, which keeps you away from the walls.  And it offers access to your Windows desktop from anywhere within VR.

But the importance, of course, is on the experiences it helps facilitate.

Many deride the length of the experiences, and many others refuse to replay an experience after they've "seen all it has to offer".

I disagree.  I believe that virtual reality applications are worlds you want to revisit again and again. Many today are games, yes, but more importantly, all virtual reality apps take you to unique places.

A VR app is a world you want to inhabit and learn from, and whether it's a familiar world that you squeeze into during your lunch break or a multi-day journey through new places you've never been, VR is traveling more so than entertainment.  Thankfully, the tickets are cheap.