VRLA Opening Ceremony

The VRLA opening ceremony got off to an awesome start.

Cosmo Scharf of VRLA came out and talked about the groups humble beginnings, and how it went from a small 100> person Meetup group to a 6000+ attendee convention.

The big announcements was about Mindshow VR, one of the most compelling VR experiences that brings your imagination into the virtual world.

Mindshow showed some of the best inverse kinematics VR has ever seen (unless it turns out the videos weren't totally real-time), and the characters reactions looked incredibly real.

Then Cosmo invited Bob Berry of Envelop VR to the stage to talk about the history of VR, where it came from, where it wants to go, and how it helps us.

After those rousing and inspirational speeches, Cosmo brought on the keynote speaker, Reggie Watts, who had an incredibly entertaining talk that left the whole room in stitches.  As a bonus, here's him using the HoloLens in his own Reggie way.